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Wrangling Eyeballs For Your Employment Videos

Wrangling Eyeballs For Your Employment Videos

Slapping a decent vid on your site’s just step one in getting it noticed.

Bravo on that spicy recruiting video. Such polished production values. With a storyline that makes job seekers cheer. If that is, they ever lay eyes on it.

Wrangling eyeballs to watch the vid takes more than slapping it on your career site. It takes active marketing. To the right audience, where they live online.

Helps to SEO the heck out of it too. All of which can be achieved without smashing piggy banks.

Post It Where Job Seekers Are Looking
Unless your career pages already teem with hits, a video there could fill a void. So also put it on popular media sites. YouTube’s a natural, especially if your company has a channel there. Vimeo, DailyMotion and Veoh are other media wonderlands.

The usual social suspects are flick friendly also. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are prime territories. Some of them love when you upload there directly. It keeps viewers watching on their site longer.

Optimize For SEO
Want your video found in searches? Appease the bot gods. Give the mini-movie a keyword phrased title. Keep it to 60 characters max in total.

Use a meta description that grabs viewers and is keyword rich. Start by saying what it’s about (e.g. a day in the life of our customer service reps). Add some sizzling modifiers. Stick in a link or an invite to apply online that leads to your career pages, or a job bank that’ll track metrics for you.

Search engines foam over text to crawl. Add relevant captions. Also, upload a transcript where possible.

Promote Shamelessly
These are some free techniques that can work. Share buttons are an obvious add-on. The more you promote, the more they spawn added exposure.

Got an email list and/or newsletter? Drop in a video thumbnail. Make sure the click leads to a landing page where the video’s near the top to bump play rates. Plus include “video” or “watch this” in the subject line to prompt more opens.

Pin the video (or its link) on your company’s Twitter feed. It’ll score extra views. If there’s more than one recruitment vid to highlight, rotate the pinning daily. Tease the video – link conspicuous – on social sites where it’s not actually posted.

Pay For Ads If Results Fizzle
Goose the numbers faster with mo money. Social sites will gladly target ads to defined audiences. Campaigns can be set specially to drive video views.

A nice part is that budgets are strictly controlled; You set the goals, daily spend levels and the total costs. That lets you run tests and fine-tune fast. Free analytics are also standard. 

If you aren’t the DIY type and have a few dollars left, contact The Foundry, Monster.ca’s employer branding specialists. They can drive your site and video traffic way high.